12-Week Wholeness Coaching Program

Six Sided Crystal

12-Week Wholeness Coaching Program

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Our goal at Six Sided Crystal is to help move you beyond your grief, so you can begin to reclaim your life and live life to the fullest again.

Whether you are going through separation by death, divorce or a breakup, you will need some support to see you through this challenging time of your life. 

We highly recommend all of our clients start with the Grief Recovery hypnosis session first, then followed by our in-house 12 week Wholeness coaching by our Client Care Team for maximum effectiveness.

This 12 week Coaching recovery program is customized specifically for you to walk you through a series of self-empowerment process. 


Throughout these 12 weeks, you will:

✅ Be supported through your sensitive healing process

✅ Be unstuck and move forward with life

✅ Learn how to be empowered through self-care and self-love

✅ Increase your confidence and self esteem

✅ Restore yourself to wholeness so you can restart life with more clarity

✅ Have a set of guided steps to achieve your goals (career, relationship, family or life)

✅ Have someone to be accountable to as you progress through your growth


During your healing and growth development process, you will be well supported so you can become resourceful with your life and goals again. 

The first coaching introductory session lasts 45 minutes, then followed by weekly 30 minutes coaching sessions for a total of 12 consecutive weeks.

The duration of the coaching program can vary from 12, 24, 36 weeks or longer, and/or be increased in frequency, depending on the client and their needs. We recommend a solid consecutive 12 weeks to start. 

Clients receive a 10% discount on their client care coaching services at every consecutive 12 weeks term renewal. 


 All sessions are conducted online via Skype or Zoom.