What is Mental and Emotional Release® (MER)?

What is Mental and Emotional Release® (MER)? 

Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy (MER) is a clinically researched approach to help release unresolved emotional baggage such as stress, anxiety, fear and other negative emotions. 

Trapped, unresolved emotional baggage can often lead to sabotaging our success in areas such as relationships, career, health, personal growth and spiritual development. 

Often at times, we don’t even know we have unconscious conditioning running in our background that can derail or sabotage our efforts in certain areas of our lives, leading to unfruitful results.

The goal of MER®️ is to release unresolved negative emotions and limiting beliefs that hold us back. The process uses our memories both in the conscious and unconscious minds to release the emotional charge attached. 

The memory itself would not be erased or necessarily be forgotten. However, when the client thinks of the past event again, they no longer feel strong negative emotions that were once associated to it. 

By releasing those past trapped emotions, whatever emotions we feel in the present would not present itself as past triggers, but rather they will be appropriate emotion for the present situation. It would not coloured or exaggerated by an unresolved past emotion. Rather, these emotions will tend to disappear or dissipate more quickly. 

For example, if anger is what you are largely feeling over a matter, although you will still feel some anger after MER®️, the anger you feel will generally would be proportionate (not over-exaggerated) to the matter itself and not compounded from unhealed or unaddressed hurt. The anger will also generally dissipate more naturally, rather than lingered or hung onto.  

Mental and Emotional Release®️ Therapy is a 8-12 hour process that spans over one and a half days.   

For more information, go to http://www.nlp.com/what-is-mer/ or you can purchase the book, “Mental and Emotional Release®️” by Dr Matt James here