Restoring You to Wholeness

A Grief Recovery Service

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Did you lose someone through a death, divorce or breakup?

Has life stopped you in your tracks?

Are you struggling with moving on with life?

What is Grief?

All of us experience grief at some point in our lives. It is a human condition that often leaves us unequipped to handle, especially when life events come suddenly and unexpectedly.

When life altering events happen, it can often shock us to our core, leaving us not knowing what to do. We go through sadness, anger, guilt, blame, confusion, hurt, self-deprecation, condemnation, etc., and are often left to “feel” our way through life.

Without adequate support, we might even spiral out of control into depths of helplessness and potentially remain “stuck” for a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes, that can rob us of many precious years of our lives, before we can finally move forward again.

At Six Sided Crystal, we believe people are full of light and potential, and that YOU MATTER as a person. We recognize life does happen. Whether you are going through the grief of losing a loved one through a death, divorce or breakup, our goal is to restore you to wholeness, so you can go on living life to the fullest again.

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